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Acavallo Acavallo Arena Alupro stigbyglar i aluminium

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Färg: Aluminium
Aluminium Acavallo Arena Alupro stigbyglar i aluminium
Bronze/Black Acavallo Arena Alupro stigbyglar i aluminium
Silver Acavallo Arena Alupro stigbyglar i aluminium
Black Acavallo Arena Alupro stigbyglar i aluminium
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Stigbygeln är gjord av aluminium, och öppningsarmen är gjord av ett speciellt polyamidmaterial. Stigbygelinläggen är också tillverkade av polyamid, och stigbygelplattan är av rostfritt stål. "AluPro"-modellen tillhandahåller i princip samma funktion som Arena "HiFlex", men den är baserad på andra material.


  • Unique, stress-actuated locking and release mechanism located between the lower end of the outer, pivoting stirrup arm and the foot support plate/tread
  • Easy and reliable one-click re-engagement of the stirrup locking and release mechanism once triggered
  • Due to its design and construction which is based on flexible polymers, the stirrup conveys a less rigid and much more comfortable feeling to the rider than with conventional products
  • The springing stirrup bow and foot support assembly is capable of effectively absorbing and compensating for short-term and sudden impacts exerted through the rider’s weight from the top, e. g. during posting, jumping or hacking
  • Considerable benefits for the rider: strong relief of foot bottoms, ankles, knees and hips
  • Therefore, also very interesting for riders suffering from orthopedic problems

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